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About Us

Hak-Machine is a brand of Hakyemez which specialised in drynuts individual machines and turnkey processing plants as hazelnut shell cleaning, washing and cracking line plant, drynuts roasting, skin peeling, salting, chopping, crunchy and creamy nuts butter line, hazelnut and peanut paste line, hazelnut cream with cocoa line, and fully automatic beeswax foundation machine. Hakyemez was established in 2014 in Ordu Turkey.

We cooperate with many professional Turkish manufacturers as their solution partner to provide their products to be well-known in market and export to the world professionally.

Since establishing date, Hakyemez is committed to reliability, continuously growing statu, total quality, and well customer service. With his sustainable successful aims and customer satisfaction, our products were exported to 5 continents 45 countries successfully since 2014.

About Us

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