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Paste & Nuts Butter Machines

Model : HAK-AK75  75 kg/h* Nuts Butter Grinding Machine * Average Capacity PRODUCTS CAPACITY (kg/h)HAK-AK75 Hazelnut 70-80 Peanut 70-80 Sesame 70-80 Almo..
Model : HAK-HPM400/1000 Horizantal Paste Machines PRODUCTS CAPACITY (kg/h) HAK-HPM400 HAK-HPM1000 Hazelnut 400 1000 Peanut  400 1000 Sesame ..
Model : HAK-MPL Mini Paste Line NO DESCRIPTION1 Vertical Nuts Butter Grinding  Machine (Pre-Paste)2 Heat Insulated Paste Tank3 Ball Mill Refiner Machine4 Heat Insulated Last Product Tank5 Product Outlet Pipe6 Three Way Valve7 Return Pipe Line8..
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